vanCatz HRM: the human factor is your lever to success!

As starting entrepreneur you are faced with a multitude of tasks demanding your attention. Once your company becomes successful, you might employ people to facilitate the growth. Being an employer requires you to articulate the way you run your business, as hiring people involves new challenges such as delegation of work, organization development, motivating people.

And also practical questions on a case-to-case base need to be addressed, like employment terms, illness, remuneration or recruitment.

Starting a subsidiary in the Netherlands demands understanding of the local flavor and special coordination. As such I can be your local right hand to perform according to or guide you through the Dutch cultural and legal environment.

The other way around -started in the Netherlands and a wish to expand to other countries and/or continents- is also possible. Too small to employ an International HR Manager, I can be of advise as independent contractor.

I have worked with HQ-s from around the world and would be happy to collaborate to make you successful!

For a free consultation, simply contact me on +31 6 549 33 607 or drop me an e-mail: